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International Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering

2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A
Gate all around MOSFET

Author(s): Harish Kumar and Shamsher Singh

Abstract: To keep performance levels high, we've scaled down single-gate MOSFETs to nanometres over the last three decades or so, but they're still plagued by issues such as interface coupling and channel orientation as well as leakage current and latch-up. In addition, additional parameters such as short channel effects (DIBL, GIDL), body effect, hot electron effect, punch through effect, surface scattering, impact ionisation, sub threshold swing, and volume inversion have shown results in terms of an increase in leakage current, a decrease in inversion charge, and a decrease in the drive current since the double-gate MOSFET came into existence. Comparing double- and single-gate MOSFET design, this article evaluated several performance parameters and channel material configurations for both configurations and also analysed different channel materials along with its structural orientation and the future uses of these devices.

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Harish Kumar, Shamsher Singh. Gate all around MOSFET. Int J Adv Electr Eng 2022;3(1):18-23.
International Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering
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