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International Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering

2024, Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A
Preservation and storage of fresh foods by pre-cooling

Author(s): Raad Faisal Ajaj, Merdin Danismaz and Omer Adil Zainal Al-Bayati

Abstract: The high demand for fresh perishable food products and the need to preserve them has led to an increase in the need for pre-cooling. pre-cooling is the first step in cooling after harvesting, slaughtering, picking, and before storage and transportation to markets, in which the food products are cooled to low temperatures to remove the field or slaughter heat in this study, we experimentally analyse heat transfer during pre-cooling, which is conducted in a rectangular channel where air is recycled through a secondary channel connected to the primary one. Different food products, such as cantaloupe, red cabbage, and eggplant, are studied during the cooling process. the food products are placed in a dedicated place called a food package inside the rectangular air channel (length = 2 m, width = 0.3 m, and height = 0.3 m) connected to a smaller secondary channel used for air recycling, which is made of polyurethane material coated with a layer of aluminium with a thickness of (25-200) micrometres. The test results were calculated at ambient temperature ranging from 25.8-29.5 and three air flow rates (1.8, 3.6, 4.8) to calculate their effect on the cooling process dual thermocouples were inserted halfway into the food products to measure their temperature. The effect of the air velocity on the temperature change of the food product was studied, and it was found that choosing the appropriate air velocity reduces the cooling time and thus saves energy based on temperature without dimension, it is possible to save 27.5% of the cooling time in cantaloupe and 26.7% in red cabbage when using the highest velocity, while in eggplant, the lower air velocity is most appropriate for reducing dimensionless temperature and saving time and energy.

DOI: 10.22271/27084574.2024.v5.i1a.48

Pages: 15-21 | Views: 211 | Downloads: 88

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International Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering
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Raad Faisal Ajaj, Merdin Danismaz, Omer Adil Zainal Al-Bayati. Preservation and storage of fresh foods by pre-cooling. Int J Adv Electr Eng 2024;5(1):15-21. DOI: 10.22271/27084574.2024.v5.i1a.48
International Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering
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